ROBERT Farquharson has been found guilty of the murders of his three sons. (for the 2nd time)

Robert Farquharson, a murderer
Robert Farquharson, a murderer, fake crying at his childrens funerals, the very ones he killed

My Say

Thank god this bloke was convicted! It took 2 trials because of some ridiculous minor technical thing that lawyers seem to find out of their ass in these cases but the truth prevailed.

This jealous vindictive dad of 3 great boys cracked the shits because his wife had moved on and thought to himself “I’ll show her” even whining to a then mate “She even got the better car”. So what does he do, drive them into a dam, strapped to their seats, at night, without a clue what’s going on, and lets them drown while he escapes to the banks and whines he has got no smokes or something to people rsushing to help.

I hope he lives a short but painful life in jail, we have spent enough on him legally already.

UPDATE 5.25pm: ROBERT Farquharson has been found guilty of the murders of his three sons.

He said he blacked out while coughing and accidentally drove into a dam on Father’s Day 2005.

The Murderer and his innocent kids
The Murderer and his innocent kids

Jai, 10, Tyler, 7 and Bailey, 2, were trapped in the car as it sank in 7m deep water off the Princes Highway near Winchelsea.

A Supreme Court jury today found Farquharson guilty after deliberating since Monday afternoon.

Farquharson angrily shook his head as the verdicts were read out while the boys’ mother Cindy Gambino smiled and nodded to the jury.

Jurors were crying in the jury box as the verdict was delivered.

Outside court Ms Gambino’s mother Bev Gambino was overcome and collapsed in the street before being taken away in a taxi.

The prosecution claimed he deliberately killed the boys as revenge on ex wife Cindy Gambino after their marriage broke down.

A friend of Farquharson gave evidence that he had vowed to pay Ms Gambino back “big time” for forming a new relationship and getting “the good car” when they split.

And the last person to see the children alive, motorist Dawn Waite, told the jury Farquharson was not coughing but driving slowly and veering left and right moments before he swerved into the dam.

She did not come forward with her evidence until December last year.
It’s the second time Farquharson, 41, has faced trial accused of his children’s murder.

He was convicted in 2007 and sentenced to life with no parole.

But the Court of Appeal overturned the verdict and ordered a new trial, saying information about a key witness had been kept from the defence.

In the new trial Farquharson himself gave evidence for the first time, telling the jury he loved his kids and should have done more to save them.

Ms Gambino, who always believed in her former husband’s innocence, told the jury she had changed her mind and wanted him found guilty.

The jury also heard Farquharson had suffered other coughing fits that made him black out since the crash, including one in prison and one at home after giving his evidence in the trial in June.

Prosecution crash experts said the car could not have accidentally driven into the dam as it changed direction three times and avoided trees and other obstacles.

But defence experts disputed the police reconstruction methods and said crash could be attributed to factors such as the slant of the road.

The jury heard from a raft of doctors and other witnesses about losing consciousness through coughing, called cough syncope.

The rare phenomenon usually strikes people with serious health problems, which Farquharson didn’t have.

But several witnesses gave evidence of similar incidents where they passed out or saw others pass out from coughing.

The trial ran for almost three months and heard from about 70 witnesses.

He has been remanded in custody pending his sentencing.

Some of the Comments on today’s news…

  • Claire H of Melbourne Posted at 5:02 PM Today

    Thank goodness he’s been found guilty!! My heart goes out to his ex-wife and family for the grief and pain they’ve suffered. I hope this verdict will allow them some form of closure and they can now heal

    Comment 1 of 24

  • Jo of Belgrave South Posted at 5:02 PM Today

    Thank god. This mongrell deserves every thing he gets.

    Comment 2 of 24

  • rayo Posted at 5:03 PM Today

    It seems justice has been now done.

    Comment 3 of 24

  • Robbo Bourne of Parkdale Posted at 5:03 PM Today

    Best news I’ve heard all year. This has temporarily renewed my faith in the jury system. May he rot in hell.

    Comment 4 of 24

  • Kate of Melbourne Posted at 5:04 PM Today

    It’s about bloody time the courts got it right! Congrats to the jury.

    Comment 5 of 24

  • Hang Them of Geelong Posted at 5:07 PM Today

    Can he appeal to the High Court next? What a system that gives all these ‘rights’ to this guy, Julian Knights/Others, while victims look after themselves.

    Comment 6 of 24

  • Cee of Australia Posted at 5:07 PM Today

    Thank goodness those sweet boys are in heaven and safe now – but how incredibly sad to see what people do to get back at each other. How about finding the courage to move on gracefully for the sake of your children?

    Comment 7 of 24

  • JD of Geelong Posted at 5:10 PM Today

    I hope he rots in jail!! Put him in General Population where they know exactly how this pig should be treated.. R.I.P Jai, Tyler and Bailey..

    Comment 8 of 24

  • Maddy of Croydon Posted at 5:21 PM Today

    Can’t bring them back, but justice has been served… Now I hope he gets LIFE.

    Comment 9 of 24

  • P Wilkinson Posted at 5:23 PM Today

    Thank God. May this man now rot in jail for the rest of his life.

    Comment 10 of 24

  • M Daniels of Melbourne Posted at 5:26 PM Today

    Of course he is guilty and he should never have been retried. He deserves all he gets now the filthy, horrible man that he is.

    Comment 11 of 24

  • cck of perth Posted at 5:33 PM Today

    Justice served. Have fun in jail you baby-killer.

    Comment 12 of 24

  • johnty codes Posted at 5:39 PM Today

    The only joke was that it took the jury that long to find this animal guilty. In prison he will run in to blokes a lot tougher than his defensless sons that he murdered.

    Comment 13 of 24

  • Seeking Justice of Melbourne Posted at 5:40 PM Today

    Yesssss.. thank God for Justice this time!

    Comment 14 of 24

  • Scott Posted at 5:44 PM Today

    Justice is served. Lets hope we don’t have to hear again from this murderer.

    Comment 15 of 24

  • simon g of collingwood Posted at 5:50 PM Today

    Please send this guys to jail for life, lock him up, throw away the keys, and make sure he never sees the outside world again, or we be subjected to the viewing of his pathetic and cowardly face. What a poor excuse for a human being, what a cowardly and disgusting man is he, abhorent animal, who no longer deserves the right to live in our society.

    Comment 16 of 24

  • Sarah Posted at 5:51 PM Today

    Go to Jail, go directly to jail, Its a shame its taken so long, May those precious boys now rest in peace.

    Comment 17 of 24

  • Greg Angelo of Melbourne Posted at 5:54 PM Today

    Farquarson I really had no doubt after the first trial of Robert Farquarson that he was guilty of the murder of his three boys, and I have so much sympathy for his poor ex-wife who had to go through the agony of this trial a second time. This man has absolutely no shame – obviously hoping for a second chance when deep down he must have known what he had done. I hope he gets an increased sentence this time. Jail for life with no parole would be a fitting sentence

    Comment 18 of 24

  • jean Posted at 6:08 PM Today

    I can’t even imagine how the mother must feel. To lose a child by ‘natural’ causes is devestating, but to have 3 children taken by deliberate means must leave a heart crushed.

    Comment 19 of 24

  • Mark of St Kilda East Posted at 6:17 PM Today

    I bet he’s blacking out now!

    Comment 20 of 24

  • Allan of Sunshine Posted at 6:31 PM Today

    Justice done

    Comment 21 of 24

  • Arthur McArthur of Mt Martha Posted at 6:32 PM Today

    Let’s hope he rots in hell.

    Comment 22 of 24

  • Pete of Singapore Posted at 6:32 PM Today

    I hope you get everything you deserve and more. You have been proven guilty of one of the most disgusting acts any human has ever performed. R I H

    Comment 23 of 24

  • Chris of Oakleigh Posted at 6:36 PM Today

    Of course he’s guilty, all he had to do was put his foot on the brake, even when you’re coughing you can do that. What a waste of time and money.

    Comment 24 of 24


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20 thoughts on “ROBERT Farquharson has been found guilty of the murders of his three sons. (for the 2nd time)”

  1. My deepest sympathy to the family. However I am one person who is not convinced this man is guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. A reminder to all that jurors’ do convict innocent people from time to time.


    1. Leisha. Why aren’t you convinced of his guilt ?? Is it just his story that causes you to have doubts? What about the overwhelming amount of evidence? Headlights were in off position. Engine also off. Heater off. Kiddie locks on. He was the only one who said Jai was in the front, but Jai was in the back. When the witness saw the car swerving to the left and right, that was him trying to get up the courage to carry out his plan. His team even went to plan B, blaming Jai for grabbing the steering wheel and driving into the dam, while he suffered his coughing fit. I have followed this tradegy since the day it happened and have always been convinced of his guilt. We will never know ‘exactly’ what happened at the dam, only the father knows that and I hope it haunts him for the rest of his life. I was so happy with the verdict and actually wish I could be in jail to meet him when he arrives. I am a mum to 3 little girls and as a parent I could have saved those boys or I would have died trying. There is no doubt in my mind that he is guilty,


      1. Shan, I know the medical stuff surrounding a coughing fit. It’s much too detailed and complicated to post here. The medical condition is caused by an abnormality in the brain (a form of epilepsy) and affects the brain function, breathing pattern and conciousness during an episode of ‘fit’. It’s not just a simple cough as you and Robbo might believe. In addition, the man had been prescribed multiple powerful anti-depressant medications, which also affect brain function. Do research and you will discover the large number of people that do weird things whilst taking these mind-altering legal drugs. I am not sure if he even remembers what happened during his coughing fit as there is an aftermath period of confusion. The brain has a unique ability to ‘shut-down’ when electrical impulses within the brain are suddenly affected. Don’t be too quick to judge unless you know all the medical and neurological facts!


  2. Yes I would say they do, but the evidence refutes all this man said about how it happened, how he zig zagged past trees etc to make sure he landed in the dam, apparently passed out from a coughing fit…The evidence is compelling


  3. You hit the nail on the head Shan, any normal parent would chew their own arm off to save their kids, or die trying. A vindictive jealous father who killed his kids is where he should be…


  4. Robbo, if you are going to manage a website about Robert Farquharson make certain you have all the facts correct. He has had many coughing fits, before and after, the night of the tragedy. One ‘fit’ in the view of prison persons where he actually broke his leg. Personally, I don’t know the man nor his relatives and friends. I do know the medical circumstances surrounding the condition ‘coughing fit’. I also know a person who suffers from the condition. The symptoms vary from person to person. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. This case is not simply black and white, it is very grey.


    1. Hi Leisha, thanks for continuing to comment, I am really trying to get this site going. To answer to your reply I just want to clarify something. I do not “Manage” a site ON Robert Farquharson, or any other person or crime.I provide information from various sources and sometimes comment on them with my opinion. To have an opinion is certainly different from stating a fact and in deed the truth.

      My opinion is one I have formed from what I know, as is yours, you may know more than me. Indeed it seems you do in the medical field but I stick by my opinion of his guilt. Not because of a coughing fit and whether he did have one, has had one or continues to have them or not. It is the whole case, ALL the circumstantial as well as forensic proof.

      Even the prison episode is not proof, he could of faked it, it could be real?

      Since it happened only 2 people, his sister and a prisoner could testify in court.In how many years since, only 2 witnesses interested in his innocence?

      Having said that, this is why I love true crime and discussing the cases and providing info on them so people like you and me can debate our thoughts etc on them. I have a distant relative in an Australian prison for a heinous crime he committed murdering 2 family members, and I don’t have any bias to him or anybody else on here, just my thoughts. Finally, I agree no case is clear black and white, otherwise trials would not go on for months, this is where they test the evidence, where guilt is proven, not innocence, the onus is to find them guilty, and yes there are grey areas., and how many shades of grey is there?



  5. Robbo, having ‘opinions’ is a person’s democratic right, but expressing opinions in public on people without providing facts is a disgraceful act. It damages the reputation of the person and their family. That’s all I have to say. Thanks for your honesty concerning your distant relative, I thought as much. Medical science is working to find answers to why ‘some’ people commit serious crimes. The human brain is an ultra-complicated and unforgiving organ. We know that genetics, childhood stresses, pre-natal brain injury, toxins, substance abuse, brain traumas, emotional abuse and the list goes on, actually alter the chemistry and chemicals within the brain. The brain does not repair itself. When the brain is damaged via a variety of reasons it is damaged forever. Medical professionals have in recent times tampered with by experimenting with the human brain, prescribing powerful medications. There have been many tragic results, such as suicides, homicides and serious changes in personality disorders. Don’t rely on doctors or media to tell you the truth because these cases are never reported. It’s very easy for people to judge and to seek vengeance. In the meantime, a little more compassion for those who are mentally and emotionally less fortunate than yourself. Life is not simply black and white, it is grey!


    1. Hi Robbo. I have only read your converstaion with Leisha and although I agree with her on not jusdging people that are mentally impaired or have mental problems but Farquharson had not reported his ‘cough synopsis?, or whatever its called to any Dr or relative until after the tragedy. The ‘cough synopsis?’ only affects one in 2 million or some such figure, and its very convenient for Farquharson to suddenly have an attack on that particular stretch of road at that time, on that day with his boys in the car. In his first trial he did not give evidence…Why not? If my life was on the line I would be there to tell my own side. Breaking his leg whilst having a coughing fit?? Well I am sure he didnt mean that to happen but I bet he was glad it did because he thought it would strengthen his story. I wouldnt mind betting that he never has another coughing fit again. Unless of course it can help his case somehow. I hope his sentence is for his entire life. He is not innocent, he was proven guilty, and I like millions of others agree with the jury.


      1. Well that’s the bottom line, I’m not here for all the innocent people who have been convicted.But overall, what would the stats be, less than 1% wrongly convicted (Lets stick to the last 10 years even, as science has so overwhelmingly grown in accuracy and research. When trial go to court now, the prosecution leave no stone unturned, they don’t want mistakes…)

        Thanks Shan


      2. Yay Robbo. I am an avid fan of crime stories, and I just wanted to say to Leisha…. As you and I and a billion other people know…everyone in goal is innocent. I honestly think that if they did a survey of every prison in this country 99% of inmates would say they were innocent. And therefore, all the judges, jurors, lawyers and police, forensics, doctors and all witnesses for the prosecution are liars. I would also take the opportunity to say that maybe this site is not for you. I am sure there is a web site for helping criminals…oops sorry, innocent people get their story out there.
        I have heard that Farqharson gets sentenced later this year. I suppose that when you are never going to leave goal it doesnt matter when or how long they give you.


  6. I am away at the moment visiting family without reliable access to internet so don’t think I am ignoring this topic.But I just wondered what you are referring to when you say you “Thought as much…” what is that all about?

    I am not going to turn this into a medical debate, but you seem to want to keep coming back to this extremely small possibility, that this is the cause of the amazing coughing fit. How did he swerve between fences, logs,trees etc to make it to the dam if he was passed out from a coughing fit.Unconscious but foot still pressed on the accelerator?

    More questions than you have answers for.So unless 99% of the population are idiots, as where the judge, the jury and all the experts I think we have a correct verdict here without a doubt in my mind.

    Having an opinion without knowing all the facts is still an opinion.We don’t all know everything, so if having something to say on my own blog is disgraceful don’t read it if it offends you.This isn’t the Herald Sun, it is my blog, im just a person with an interest not a medical expert, that’s for sure!
    Take care


  7. How do you explain the 99% of population idiots, as where the judges, the jurors and all the experts, who have wrongly convicted innocent people???

    I’m done here!


  8. There are some interesting things about this case. The ignition and headlights were turned off when the car was examined by the cops. The boys in the back seat were not seat buckled in.


    1. Hi and thanks for popping in. I would of loved for you to add a little more to your comment as I’m not sure of the purpose of same. Why is it so interesting?Cheers


  9. This is an extremely difficult case and I can understand Leisha’s feelings. But I would say the following:

    Firstly, I heard the accused give evidence twice this year at the Supreme Court. Like Leisha I was troubled by this case and wanted to make my own mind up. Hearing him give evidence made it absolutely clear to me, and I think many others there, that this man was guilty. You could almost feel the court cringe in embarrassment at some of his inept replies (e.g. seriously suggesting that one of his children could have switched off the lights and ignition when the car was in the water). At some points you could even see members of the jury rolling their eyes.

    Secondly, I believe subconsciously he wanted to be found guilty. No one seems to have picked up his first comment after the ‘accident’. He said to the two people who stopped to help, ‘F..k, I’ve killed my kids’. Ask any psychologist about the real meaning and intent of those unusual words, or just think about what you would have said in that awful situation. Maybe the word ‘Help’ would have featured somewhere?

    Thirdly, there was no passion in his defence. His staple line was ‘If x says it, then it must be true’. He said this about the evidence of the woman who saw him moments before and overtook him. An innocent person would surely say something passionately like ‘That can’t be true. She’s lying!/She’s wrong!’ or something like that, not ‘Well, if she says it, it must be true.’

    Fourthly, not many people know this, but he volunteered to give a lie detector test back in 2005. We cannot know for sure, but it is rumoured that he failed it. There is a credible and serious site in Russian dedicated to the polygraph which says this: (It’s number 12)
    I would say, if he had passed that test, a) the police would not have prosecuted the case, knowing him to be almost certainly innocent and b) it would have come out that he had passed it, either in court or outside. There is no question but that the accused would have made use of a positive result, I believe. As everyone knows though, you really can’t beat the lie detector, and you don’t want to publicise the fact that you failed it.


  10. He did take a lie detector test at his own instigation,I heard the policeman comment on Neil Mitchell radio program,after he was convicted found guilty and sentenced.
    The cop said he told RF that he did not have to take the test,but RF insisted he wanted one.

    The cop said from being a cop for 23 years he knows what sort of behavior is consistent with an innocent man ,and he said alarm bells were ringing when
    A ..he insisted on a lie detector test even though he didn’t have to have one,and it wasn’t suggested in any way that he could or should have one.
    B.. The cop said the alarm bells really rang out when he asked RF why he would want one as he hadn’t been charged,it was early and most people didn’t know details,and RF said that most people will think he did it.

    The cop said after all the years he had done the job he never had an innocent person wanting to take a test to prove a crime that no one thought they did.

    The cop was then asked by Mitchell if he passed the test,the cop said he failed miserably.
    RF said to the cop,he believes he failed because of his emotional state,the cop said the test doesn’t take into account emotions,,just truth,but he said RF was very concerned that the test could be used against him in court,when told it can’t be used,his manner changed and he again became a bit cocky.

    I know this by itself doesn’t prove his innocence or guilt but it does help paint a picture of the person whom has since been jailed for life,,,my own opinion,I hope he rots in hell for eternity.
    This bloke,or animal must be in top 3 most hated blokes in the country,but I’m a believer in karma and his turn will come.
    R.I.P kids ,so sorry you had a murdering/bastard for a father.


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