I, Mick Gatto (Book Review)

I, Mick Gatto
I, Mick Gatto

Mick Gatto.
Underworld veteran.
Melbourne gangland survivor.

Mick Gatto in his bestselling autobiography finally reveals the man behind the headlines.

Gatto’s unique position-of knowing all the players in the Gangland Wars but not being involved in drug trafficking-gave him a remarkable perspective to watch the battles unfold.

I, Mick Gatto is an extraordinary insight into a colourful and mysterious world that few even know exists.

Part of the proceeds of each book sold will be donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital. A veteran of Melbourne’s underworld, Mick Gatto is one of the few survivors of Melbourne’s Gangland Wars. Many of the victims were his long-time friends. Today the former heavyweight boxer runs Elite Cranes, a crane company that employs about sixty people, and Arbitrations and Mediations Pty Ltd, among others.

Author Information

Tom Noble has been a journalist for more than twenty-five years, working mostly in newspapers. He is the author of the bestselling true crime books Untold Violence, Walsh Street and Neddy.

From a colourful character with an extraordinary life, I, Mick Gatto delivered all the makings of a fascinating biography and Australian true crime at its best. Now, an uncut version is the newly updated edition of last year’s bestselling title of 2009.

This is the story of a kid with a passion for boxing, the illegal gambling rackets that brought huge wealth to so few and ruin to so many, and it is the story of Australia’s very own violent underworld. No book offers a more brutally honest insider’s account of the crime scene in Australia than I, Mick Gatto: Uncut.

Reviewed By Toni Whitmont, Booktopia Buzz Editor

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