In My Own Words- Victim Impact Statements

In My Own Words- Victim Impact Statements

Well we have asked the question for several months now, and I have read every single comment. The decision being that the Victim DESERVES the right to be heard, Inside the Court and or either outside the court.

In some small way we can give those victims and their families a place to be heard and NOT silenced by some obscure law, out of touch judge or lawyer or a publicity seeking media with ulterior motives.

Therefore I have decided this will be a platform for victims only with NO AUTOMATIC COMMENTS. I may have an option for them to vet comments ONLY after I deem them appropriate.

This is not an opportunity for convicted criminals and or their families to have they say. Let me be clear on that!

So here is the deal, fill out the form below and make contact with me and I will give you the opportunity to have you say. TROLLS and other TROUBLEMAKERS will no be tolerated nor will be pretenders. I research all cases, and have generous support from certain supporters within the IT community that are much more TECH savvy than I, who want to see VICTIMS be heard.

Jerome Souza, above holding paper, brother of Rachel Entwistle, supported by family and friends, reads an impact statement this morning during the sentencing hearing.

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