A Former Officer’s Experiences at H.M. Prison, Pentridge.

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Main entrance of former H.M.Prison Pentridge i...
Main entrance of former H.M.Prison Pentridge in Melbourne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Experiences and history of a former officer’s experience at H.M. Prison Pentridge.

HM Prison Pentridge was an Australian prison built in 1850 in Coburg, Victoria. The first prisoners arrived in 1851. The prison officially closed on 1 May 1997.

Pentridge was often known by the nickname “The Bluestone College”, “Coburg College” or the “College of Knowledge”. The grounds were originally landscaped by renowned landscape gardener Hugh Linaker.  Since decommissioning, the prison has been partly demolished to make way for a housing development. Large buildings have been built and a 16 floor modern apartment block is being planned.

The site is split in two with the northern prison being developed by Valad Property Group and the other areas by Pentridge Village. The National Trust has expressed strong concerns about the nature of the Heritage Victoria-approved Master Plans which involve peppering the walls with holes and building high-density high-rise between the historic divisions.

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188 thoughts on “A Former Officer’s Experiences at H.M. Prison, Pentridge.”

  1. Great reading,I was sent to H division a few times in 1962.”.Marshall” Black Prince” sometimes “scotsman “Fazer” I was 18. I took on Marshall,and black Prince and another I don’t remember.I had reached my point of retaliation. Armstrong was the Officer in charge of “yogs” Young Offenders Group” at the time.I was beaten heaps.I am now 73 and never been back.Smashing blue stone was the easy way except for the occasional bucket of water thrown over you from the tower, Strip search,pissed on.Another asshole was “Rocky Ron Whitmore” unforgettable by the birth mark on his face.You never forget.

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      1. Hi Bill, sorry don’t recall the name;However not one of them were good enough to put me off my feet,But I do remember the day the 3 came into my cell so I backed into a corner and eyeballed the prince as he was the front man,I told him to go for it but I guaranteed him I did not care what they did but I was going down hard and he was going with me.The others kept pushing him to go for it but I would not take my eyes off him and promised him he was now my target.I thought I was going to get slaughtered, but I told him I did not care but he was all I wanted after 5 mins they left.I was still shitting bricks the next morning.We both knew we were going to be a mess at the end if he pushed too far,I don’t mean this to sound like a brag session but hell I felt good as they left me be after that.solitary was my most peace full time lol. but bread and water for 3 days was not the best meals.Friday The day before I was due for release on Saturday morning,my head was shaven.The Saturday morning I got out every one else was let go,I had to stand there till 12 noon I had lost all my remission and good behavior so I had fuck all to loose and they had to finally let me go.My first experience of HD was real bad, so when I knew I was going in for the second time via the kangaroo court I had my mate smash and break 3 of my fingers I was told by other inmates this would work..Well screw me..3 icy pole sticks and some tape by the doctor and it was straight into H division…O boy did not try that again.But there were times i can really laugh about. So 54 years and never returned ” I WISH ENOUGH OF US OLD FARTS COULD FIND A WAY OF MAKING A CHEAP HOME MOVIE AND PUT IT ON YOU TUBE ,HELL WE COULD REALLY HAVE SOME FUN” Maybe make a buck or two In closing I would like to mention..2 good screws in YOGS which was behind A division…”Barney Wilson” and old “Smithy, “SMITHY WOULD LET US GET STUFF FROM THE OFFICERS MESS WHEN WE WENT TO GET THE LUNCH TROLLY”
        They even apologized to me once for what.. Frazer, Whitmore, Marshall and Black prince with his gestapo hat style,did to me.But boy I saw A lot of young first timers just in our division break down,I was only 18 myself,but grew up hard in Fitzrory, Collingwood , and Carlton I spent many hours trying to help them get through it they were screwed.One tried to kill himself in the garden shed
        .We grew the vegies and often found a carton of cigs,some mates on the out side had managed to get them over the wall and wire fence. BUT THE BOTTLES OF RUM WERE ALWAYS BROKEN LOL. THANKS GUYS HOPE YOU FOUND A LAUGH… THANKS JOHN..PS AND I HOPE YOU HAVE ALL FOUND YOUR PEACE

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        1. Hi John the krouts pig was about 6.4 head like a typical krout square head Cunt the black prince was in the met he’d quitened down there did the visits. When I seen him I thought fuk this animal but was surprised when he spoke to me with curiously in 1972 I got out in 74. I was from Fitzroy too,,Gertrude st no wonder it was called the remand yard. I left the state to break away from it turned it all around enough’s enough most of them are dead now from that life.


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