Please note.Our site has moved to

Hi all sorry for the interruption I had a disgruntled crim take me to task on a minor detail on my site. Thankfully I had backup web addresses and it will mean sweet F all.

JUST type in…………………………. DROP THE  .au.

They will never shut down this site guys.I have many other sites and we are protected.


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I also love family, Photography, Cooking a great BBQ , Computers, Reading Crime Books, and solving crimes before the end of the show !

11 thoughts on “Please note.Our site has moved to”

  1. Hi all sorry for the interruption I had a disgruntled crim take me to task on a minor detail on my site. Thankfully I had backup web addresses and it will mean sweet F all.

    JUST type in…………………………. DROP THE .au.

    They will never shut down this site guys.I have many other sites and we are protected.

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  2. Robbo,
    I am pained to learn you have been subject to some lowlife’s iĺl intention and hope you are OK.
    No-one will close you. We will all rally and uphold the good you are doing in the case of such abusers.
    Thanks for doing a good, honest job.
    Your selfless contribution to.criminal justice and society needs to be more widely acknowledged and awarded.
    You raise very serious social issues in terms of deviance and control and provide a safe space for comment.
    Keep up the good work.

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  3. Welcome back Robbo, I’m very relieved your Aussiecriminals site is back online. I was worried when I could not find this site, that for some stupid legal reasons. Do-gooders or lawyers must have ordered the site to be taken down from the internet for legal reasons or political correctness. Glad this was not the case, but with the way the world is nowadays with terrorism and Secrecy gag Laws, and distrust of he Justice system and court’s. etc,etc.
    I read that some scum bag CRIM, has took you to task over content or details on Aussiecriminals.

    Are you at liberty Robbo, to name this ratbag piece of shit CRIM’S Name on here on Aussiecriminals?… Just Curious to know of his or his mates criminal backgrounds and what prison he or they are doing time at?.. If he or they are currently in prison. Or is he back out free on parole or post sentence release?…
    These low-life smart arse, clever prison educated shit bag maggot crims, they get freed from jail and get back in the community and act like their still jailhouse lawyers, with their preaching and threating justice human rights, throwing their legal protected weight around.
    What I think, as I’m sure most people, including many police and some prison officers in the community, is ‘Fuck them All, they should still behind bars, but for crim lover defence lawyers and magistrates and judges of our current piss weak justice departments and soft on crime short prison sentences on both current imprisoned crims and recently release crims on parole or the completion of their so called rehabilitation sentences.
    Anyway glad your excellent aussiecriminal site survives and will remain stronger than ever, exposing all the criminal filth in society.
    As is once again the case our justice system is letting the community down with the early prison release of dangerous unstable inmates back unsupervised to wander around the streets. Like the recent Bourke Street Melbourne horror mass murder by the legal systems well know dangerous criminal nutcase freed on bail, serial crim Dimitrious Gargasoulas. and also rapist schoolgirl murderer Sean Christian and now the Brighton Terror Attack Yacqub Khayre given 10 chances by the justice department and Adult Parole Board again, even though he was a very violent dangerous serial violent crime committing well known criminal on the Terrorists Watch list for planning a jihad massacre in prison on the Sydney Holsworthy Australian Army Base. And only last year while in a the Victorian H.M.Loddon and H.M. Barwon Prisons set fires in these two prisons. Causing expensive damage.And they just give him parole again and set him back free into the community, as they always do? And yet again more innocent victims from his latest terrorist hostage siege and horrible violent murder of a innocent apartment worker. It just never ends does it!…
    And their was the early released from prison Lone Wolf Man Haron Monis committing the Terrorist hostage taking siege and murder at the Sydney Lindt Café, while also on bail.
    The Criminal Justice System continues to Betray us all. While the dangerous violent crims, keep getting let back on the streets, do continue violent home invasions, armed robberies, horrible assaults on victims and murder while on bail or on parole or after a very short inadequate discounted short prison sentence.
    And the very same thing is happening in London with the latest acts of terrorism.
    All well known about CRIM’S on watch list, but instead of being closely being watch behind bars, or home detention, they are unchecked, just walking around among us, planning their and committing their next horrible crimes.
    All these few horrible crimes and more innocent victims by all their combined heinous crimes, could have been avoided, if the powers that be of Justice, took their repeat offending very serious, with risk assessments to the protection of the community, instead of this crock of shit, touchy feely trying to rehabilitate them for early prison release.

    And Violent Home Invasions, Car jacking and theft and expensive property damage and armed robberies,,for committing drive by and smash and grab armed robberies etc. Some are being arrested by police, but not all of them. And the court’s don’t ever hand these crims down the maximum sentence of 25years for just armed robbery charges alone. No Justice as usual instead of throwing away the key on them for many years, to keep them out of society and off the street.
    Just a smack on the wrist for a few years rehabilitation with a minimum sentence. No punishment or deterrence for this growing popular type of reckless damage and all these growing victim causing crimes.


    1. We are certainly not safe from anyone including politicians, neighbours, kinfolk, terrorists, paedophiles, priests, rapists, murderers, drug runners, thieves, rorters, tax evaders, jihadists, corrupt officials, arsonists, sex addicts, alcoholics, and the like – the list goes on, and includes all sorts of people from all walks of life who are quietly enraged and driven by hatred, going back to the beginning of time.
      When we each contribute to changing our attitudes and better address human existence through respecting and upholding the values that cement society, and life, through upholding all that makes the world a better place then we will at last succeed in our efforts.
      Sadly, not all people want what is good and just and right.
      Justice flies out the door.
      Innocent people become targets of corrupt, evil people who need to be blown away or locked up and never released.

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