Our site still under threat by pathetic anoms

Struggling with attack


i HAVE THE ENTIRE SITE SAVED UP TO THE DAY…Sorry about caps I look down to type.

Our 3 sites are



aussiecriminals.wordpress.com (this one is free forever unable to be stolen)



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I also love family, Photography, Cooking a great BBQ , Computers, Reading Crime Books, and solving crimes before the end of the show !

27 thoughts on “Our site still under threat by pathetic anoms”

  1. Call me radical right wing or whatever..
    Hackers, graffiti vandals, violent offenders should have their hands handcuffed for weeks on end by severity of their crimes.
    Proven convicted murderers, rapists should have their arms amputated above the elbow .
    Send them home at let a care nurse wipe their bums.
    Certainly cheaper than keeping them in Prison and they won’t be doing the same crime in a hurry and maybe never again..
    F/U crims.. go to hell…


  2. Please If you can I need solicitors view on this.As I don’t know how to reply and win the sites back.If this site has ever helped you it may not be around to help others.Give your brother, dad mum, sisite,r brother, and beyond a call and link to the site (atm aussiecriminals.com or aussiecrimiminals.wordpress.com in the legal field to give me a tiny bit of advice and maybe write a letter. I am a one man ban over nearly nie years and near 12 million visitors.My work and ll our communily input and discustion and support for victims will disapear..


      1. thanks will have a look.There is a fake lookalike site at aussiecriminals.com.au as of right now 12.56pm tue. But in the story, it has rubbish links written. Also Gerryrocks the photographer friend from way back appears as the author. I just cannot fathom that being the case.WOW what else is going to happen


    1. They have, let us say techniques where it can be suggested this site is dodgy because it contains certain references (re rape pedophiles etc) to fire up a suggestion that is in fact a site we post ABOUT…. Outrageous


      1. Robbo.I am appalled.
        You work is above board and far from dodgy.
        It is highly informative and uptodate.
        It is within the realms of all that is lawful.
        False accusations are never nice or easily dealt with but there are laws to protect you and your work.
        If need be we can take legal action.
        You are NOT doing anything wrong.
        Yours is an information service
        We can choose to respond or not.
        Stay strong.
        Do not be threatened or intimidated.
        Remember some time back when media attacked you?
        You came through with flying colours.
        I am hete for you and I believe others are too.

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      2. Ps Are we not allowed to know about or have a voice in regards to rapists and or sex offenders?
        Are we being forced into.silence?
        The Australian public might have a LOT to say about that!
        Gag orders are ILLEGAL and againstbthe Australian Constitution.

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      1. Exactly.
        Petty little pieces of ….
        trying to steal someone elses hard work/light
        They are inadequate.
        They never win.


  3. Not sure what is going to happen after tomorrow.Just share the shit out of the old real site aussiecriminals.wordpress.com xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


      1. Serendipity we have a right to know…
        Aussie Sec Offenders is another information service providing awareness which the reader can accept or reject…
        It is not malicious.Ot is not intended to harm.
        ASO is mot doing anything wrong either.
        👹It is only the sex offender themselves who will ever complain because they donot want the wider public yo know and be aware of their predatory existence. Sex crimes differ from all other crimes.
        Sex crimes are remorseless and the perpetrator CANNOT change; CANNOT be ‘rehabilitated’. Even castration cannot stop the urge to inflict harm on others at every level.
        Sex offenders donot simply harm the physical body, Serendipity.
        Sex offenders have an arrogant and cruel attitutde. They are bullies that never grow up.They have no regard fir any other human.They will do anything -lie, bully, blackmail, threaten, try to intimidate and so on. But to no avail. They are sick and twisted beings and cannot change.
        The only thing that stops them is jail.
        Other people have hope of changing and living a good decent life without recidivist activity.
        Not the sex offender. It is always and only a matter of time before the sex offender strikes again.
        These two sites inform and provide greater awareness which in turn allows anyone who so chooses, to reciprocate a response by sharing comment.
        No-one in their right mind would expect to challenge that and win.
        If they did then countkess other communications and media outlets (viz FB, print and digitalised media, forums and countless information groups, political parties etc etc etc) would all be closed across the globe.
        Sex offenders were relatively “safe” pre-internet.
        Police now have technology at their fingertips.
        We all do.👍☺

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  4. No way serendipity.This is personal about me. I f anyone knows about website domains, for years we have been able to protect ourselves so vocal opposites and haters could not find you.So the option was to make contacts etc like email support via a third party..THis change channge has affected many million bloggers………. Mumma bloggers etc are now required by a new pathetic law not to use a placeholder for support and show home address, email and so on.Frggin bullshit. This will mean vulnerable folks be targeted at their homes.


    1. Robbo. Thanks for the update.
      As far as I am concerned, if the bastards want to attack us at home they’d better b prepared for the worst.
      Also bare in mind that ALL laws donot cover the internet.
      Whozadog operator is a great guy but he had his site offshore. Diff laws. He still ended up battling it out in an Aussie court – because regardless of all else/appearances – the bastards were only using him to further themselves as they tried to work out international laws to cover the internet -which of course cannot be done..
      we will always only have laws appropriate to the particular country in which we exist and although the laws can be said to cross, according to international laws they don’t.
      Just ask Schappelle. 10 Ks pot I Aus carries a different penalty under / in Common law Aus jurisdictions that 10 ks in say Bali. Similarly, any laws associated with the internet (unless of course there is a George Pell in the room to use to further one’s own interest in using such a case, notto address paedophile crimes but to use the case as a vehicle to change or refine international law/s.In which case the perpetrator becomes victim of the state who is only concerned with changing laws not executing justice.


  5. I am concerned your site has been hacked Robbo noticed it was difficult to connect and deleted my post,stating error found. The truth is out there and there is a gag threat amongst us. Hoping your one and only best crime blog site is back to norm ASAP.


  6. I was trying to comment on the monster Vincent Stanford that killed the Leeton school teacher Stephanie Scott. His ugly twin brother Marcus Stanford was an accomplice to the horrific murder, he helped in the coverup, burnt her car out and sold her engagement ring for $700 kept her licence and so on. Marcus the ghoul, freak was sentenced by the judge to 1yr and 5ths he is now free and living in tranquil surroundings in the Yorke Penninsula area of South Aust in the Minlaton caravan park with his dad. A petition was set up and over 5000 outraged people signed it but it didnt make an ounce of difference. I would never expect it would. Marcus Stanford apologised to the media but it was all to make him look good by cunning prompting by legal aid & his psychologist of course he did not care or mean it. A real psychiatrist would have said it was a put on dont be fooled. Theres a big difference between the two professions. What an insult to the family and friends of that lovely school teacher weeks off being married. Disgusting, horrific, So sad. Sorry Robbo Im commenting on the wrong site it wouldnt except it 4 times I tried. To Stephanie, Karen Checuti, Jill Meager, Masa, Sarah and thousands more cruelly taken the public needs to maintain the rage and never let time sweep this away.


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