Russell ‘Mad Dog’ Cox

Russell Mad Dog Cox

Cox, Russell – Mad Dog – Australia’s Most Wanted Man

It is a story of daring excitement and defiance to some, while to others it is a terrifying tale of carelessness and threat. The concept of prison break-outs means different things to different people. There are those of us that side with the prisoner; who identify with his flaws and who see him as an underdog whom we want to see cast off his oppressive shackles and slip through authoritative fingers. Understandably there are also those amongst us who side with the captors, who recognise that prisons are in place to hold dangerous criminals, and that the prospect of escape should be so inconceivable it should be the subject of jest. Whether you are a good-guys person or a bad-guys person however, it is hard to go past the story of Russell Cox without at least being intrigued. For Cox’s life has been one of many crimes but he will be remembered for his ability to break free.

Evolution of a Tough Nut

Cox was born in 1949 as Melville Peter Schnitzerling. He displayed an aptitude for theft at an early age, being known in his local area for stealing bicycles left unattended. He had a largely uneventful schooling, but perhaps it was these early seemingly innocuous crimes of childhood want that paved the way for Cox to develop into Australia’s most respected and successful bank-robber. Did the rush of adrenaline Cox first felt as a young man as he stole set him on an addictive path of vice and larceny that would lead to him forever trying to recapture that first high?

Cox became known as an armed robber during the late 60’s before being sentenced to his first long term jail stint for theft in the early 70’s. He was an extremely skilful burglar, and was also extremely cunning. Although his nickname amongst police and the press was “Mad Dog” due to his habit of opening fire at police and bystanders when interrupted during robberies, Cox’s a.k.a. amongst his fellow crooks was slightly kinder. They called him “the Fox” – a reference to the fact that he was meticulous in his planning, was extremely clever, knew when to strike and had marvellous powers of observation.

Escape from Long Bay

Cox was imprisoned at Long Bay jail in 1975 when he and two other inmates led a daring escape attempt. The trio had managed to smuggle a Berretta pistol into the jail, and were able to follow a delivery truck into a caged section of the prison entry gating. The two guards inside the van were removed – one was taken hostage and one was forced to open a weapons cabinet, giving these dangerous men access to .38 rifles. One of the prison guards was then cast off, but the other was then placed across the bonnet and windscreen of the van to prevent prison sharpshooters from attempting to take out the escapees. Cox then steered the truck out of the Long Bay jail gates onto Anzac Parade under heavy fire from the rear from alerted wardens. As luck would have it, the prison truck was rammed by a bread van, and prison guard gunfire managed to blow out the tires rendering the van useless. Cox and his fellow criminals then proceeded from the vehicle on foot, still using their prison guard hostage as a human shield. Another heavy exchange of gunfire resulted in two of the escapees (including Cox) and the prison guard being shot and wounded. Whilst the guard was taken to hospital right away, Cox and his partner were left wounded, bleeding and in shock on the floor of Long Bay Jail’s OBS cells for 26 hours. It was only when the remainder of the prison population threatened a full-scale riot that medical staff were reluctantly allowed in to treat the would-be escapees.

For his role in the failed breakout, Russell Cox was sentenced to life in prison, and was transferred after his trial not to Grafton, which historically was Australia’s safest jail, but to Katingal.

The Electronic Zoo

Katingal was revolutionary in its day; located within Long Bay Jail walls, it was said to be one of the most high-tech, sophisticated prison systems in the world. It was a cold, sterile, bunker-like facility which was built to house the worst of the worst in the Australian prison system. It had electronically locking doors, no natural light, only air-conditioned re-circulated air, cells had no loose fixtures, and inmates would only be allowed one hour of exercise time for every twenty-four spent in Katingal. Conditions were poor as inmates complained that ventilation systems didn’t work and that the unit became very humid, earning Katingal the names “The Blockhouse” and “The Electronic Zoo”. Katingal was a very isolating experience.

Cox arrived at Katingal in 1976 and the following year the jail received a flush of new inmates as a result of the failed escape attempt from Maitland jail. These inmates included Raymond Denning, Dick Lynott, Steve Shipley, Roy “The Red Rat” Pollitt, Terry Humphries, Freddy Owens and William “Billy the Kid” Sutton. Together with Cox, the Maitland inmates forged a plan to escape from Katingal that would involve a hacksaw blade being smuggled into the supermax facility so that bars could be cut on a transport van which ferried inmates to and from court. The blade was smuggled in wrapped in carbon paper so as not to trip the metal detectors and was given to Cox, who used the blade to cut through a bar atop Katingal’s exercise yard, which was open to the elements and was the only place prisoners could experience natural light.

On November 4th, 1977 Cox asked the warden on duty if he could return to the exercise yard to retrieve his shoes. Once there, Cox removed a table tennis paddle from his clothes and wedged it into a crack in the exercise yard wall forming a step. From here he was able to remove the bar he had previously cut and climb onto the exercise yard roof. After climbing down, Cox still had to scale two fences, both over four meters high and topped with razor wire. Although he was spotted by guards shimmying over the second of these fences, he was free. Cox had escaped from the jail which was said to be escape-proof.

Due to his connections in the underworld, Cox was able to make it to Melbourne from Sydney’s Katingal, and thence to England where he stayed until 1980. Cox then travelled to Germany and in 1982 returned to Australia, settling in Victoria where he began work as a labourer. This would have been the last heard about Russell Cox, but in 1988 his old Katingal inmate Ray Denning was able to escape from Goulbourn Jail, and in eight days was able to track Cox down – something that Australian Federal and State Police had not been able to do in over ten years. It is unknown whether the two committed any armed robberies during their short reunion as has sometimes been reported. Both Cox and Denning were arrested following a fiery shootout at a Shoppingtown Village in Doncaster in Victoria.


Ray Denning went on to turn police informant against Cox and the entire Katingal/Maitland gang, meaning that when Cox stood trial for his Katingal escape the charge really stuck. Sentenced again to life in prison, Cox was later able to have his sentence down-graded to 29 years, with a shorter non-parole period. Cox was also acquitted of all charges for the 1983 murder of notorious Painter & Docker Ian Revell Carroll. Cox experienced a change of heart during this stint in jail however, and instead of attempting escapes, sought to improve the lives of others by entering into a mentoring role in the first offenders program, earning him a reprieve from supermax in Goulbourn to maximum security in Grafton for the final years of his sentence. Perhaps the reason Cox’s reform lies with his long suffering wife Helen Deane, who has stood by Cox through years of escapes, bloodshed and danger.

Mad Dog’ Cox set to walk free

By Alex Mitchell
October 17, 2004
The Sun-Herald


Russell Cox walked free from Grafton Jail in 2004, and he is now living and working as a labourer on Queensland’s Gold Coast

. Russell “Mad Dog” Cox, sentenced to life in 1977 and also to a minimum 29-year sentence in 1996, is to be released from jail by the NSW Parole Board.

Once described as Australia’s public enemy No. 1, Cox, 55, is now scheduled to walk to freedom from Grafton jail on December 7.

A political storm was breaking last night over why Cox is being given parole after his violent career as an armed robber and master jailbreaker.

Opposition corrective services spokesman Andrew Humpherson said: “It is extraordinary that the parole board has given the green light to free this unscrupulous and violent criminal.

“He has a long history of repetitive crime – how do we know he isn’t still a risk to the community?”

The Opposition demanded public disclosure of the reasons for the decision and vowed to seek an explanation from ministers when State Parliament resumes on Tuesday.

A NSW Government spokesman said Cox was being released because he had served all of his non-parole sentence and had satisfied the parole board he was a reformed character.

Cox grabbed national headlines in 1977 when he became the only prisoner to escape from Katingal, Long Bay Jail’s maximum security “electronic zoo”, which had been designated “escape-proof”.

In 1977, he had been sentenced to life for taking two warders hostage at Long Bay and attempting to shoot his way out of jail. And in 1996 he was sentenced to 29 years and four months’ jail for a string of violent offences committed during 11 years on the run.

Born Melville Peter Schnitzerling, Cox began his life of crime at the age of eight stealing bicycles.

Most of his teenage years were spent in and out of court and children’s homes gathering a record of offences for theft, malicious damage, stealing a motor vehicle and assault.

In 1974 he graduated to professional criminal status when he was sentenced to 14 years’ jail for armed robbery. The following year he joined two other Long Bay prisoners in a violent escape bid. They grabbed weapons from the prison armoury, held a warder hostage, shot another, Paul Cafe, and tried to blast their way out.

The chief judge Justice Taylor sentenced Cox and one of his accomplices – the third was certified insane – to the maximum of life imprisonment, telling them: “You were desperate men, threatening to kill.”

In 1977, Cox secretly obtained a hacksaw blade to escape from Katingal.

He spent the next 11 years at large providing the media with random “sightings” in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and even New Zealand.

He changed his identity regularly to become a self-styled “master of disguises”. He linked up with the late Raymond Denning, who was to testify that Cox was his accomplice in a series of armed robberies in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

His luck ran out in July 1988 when he and Denning were captured after a police car chase and shoot-out at Doncaster Shoppingtown.

Extradited to Sydney, Cox was acquitted of escaping from Katingal when a District Court judge was told that the Crown case suffered from a “fatal flaw” – missing paperwork.

In 1996, Justice Jeremy Badgery-Parker gave Cox a minimum jail term of 29 years and four months after the prisoner applied under truth-in-sentencing legislation for a re-determination of his life sentence.

He has spent most of his time at Goulburn’s maximum security jail and then transferred to minimum security at Grafton jail where he has acted as a mentor to young prisoners, warning them against entering a life of crime.

Justice Minister John Hatzistergos said yesterday Cox had served his non-parole period.

“The parole board has indicated that any state submission [about his parole] should be filed by November 2,” he said. “The Government is giving careful consideration to the matter.”

Dead men do tell tales…

John Silvester

July 30, 2011

Prison escapee and gang leader Russell ‘Mad Dog’ Cox.

IT WAS a simple stolen key ring that showed how desperate the gang had become.

On that ring was an RACV tag, which was used to identify a woman who was literally dragged into an armed robbery that ended with a murder. An injured gunman forced her out of her car so he could escape after fatally wounding a security guard in the Brunswick robbery.

It should not have been enough to identify her – but the gang had contacts at the Motor Registration Branch and found out where she lived. When police raided the gang’s Doncaster safe house they found a page ripped from the White Pages. On it was the woman’s name and address.

The gang’s plan was as simple as it was brutal. If they killed the only person who could identify them they would be in the clear.

Now 23 years ago this month, a change in the Evidence Act means that testimony from a notorious insider who has since died could be admitted in court – and it is that twist that created fresh interest in the case.

Finally, it seems, dead men do tell tales.

For the armed robbery team responsible for some of Australia’s biggest hold-ups, the Coles store in Brunswick was a lightweight job. The gang had a source inside Armaguard who, for 10 per cent of the takings, had provided information on six robberies totalling $500,000.

But this time the details were exaggerated. It was supposed to be an easy $200,000 but the July 11, 1988, job netted only $33,000 and went horribly wrong when security guard Dominik Hefti refused to surrender.

During a struggle, Hefti, 31, was shot in the chest and leg but returned fire, shooting one of the robbers through the hand. The injured gunman ran to the car park where he dragged a woman from her Nissan Pulsar in Barkly Square and drove off, leaving a trail of blood, while the other two escaped in their own getaway car.

Hefti died in the Royal Melbourne Hospital two days later.

From the moment members of the armed robbery squad arrived at the scene they nominated a prolific stick-up crew headed by career criminal Victor Peirce.

What they didn’t know was there was a second gang – led by the notorious Russell Cox – that was pulling the armoured van jobs.

The armed robbery squad’s flawed theory proved to be fatal when detectives shot and killed Peirce’s close friend Graeme Jensen in a shopping strip in Narre Warren on October 11, 1988, while trying to arrest him over the Hefti murder. The following day two uniformed police, Constables Steven Tynan and Damian Eyre were ambushed and killed in Walsh Street, South Yarra, as a payback for the Jensen killing.

While the armed robbery squad was right to conclude the gang that killed Hefti were full-time bandits, they were wrong in deducing it was Peirce and Jensen.

It was only when blood taken from Jensen’s body failed to match a sample of blood found at the Hefti crime scene that they found they had killed an innocent man.

It would be years before police would find the names of the real robbers. Then, using groundbreaking DNA technology, they established Dominik Hefti’s killer was Santo Mercuri, a sausage maker turned gunman.

The initial break in the case came when police accidentally stumbled on Australia’s most wanted man and arrested him after a shootout at Doncaster Shoppingtown.

Russell ”Mad Dog” Cox was serving life for the attempted murder of a prison officer in an earlier escape when he broke out of the top-security Katingal division of Sydney’s Long Bay Prison in 1977.

In his 11 years on the run Cox committed a series of armed robberies in Queensland (six between 1978 and 1983) and Victoria and was linked to three murders.

It ended on July 22, 1988, when the crew from an armoured van heading to Doncaster Shoppingtown radioed police to say they feared they were being followed. By luck an armed robbery squad team, headed by Paul ”Fish” Mullett, was a few suburbs away and with the aid of every green light on the road, made the car park in minutes.

Soon three armed robbery crews, armed with handguns and pistol-grip shotguns, were prowling the shopping centre. And there wasn’t even a sale on.

Detectives opened a Holden station wagon rear gate and found the prison library card of notorious gunman Raymond John Denning, who had escaped from Goulburn Prison in New South Wales just days before.

It was a stupid mistake from a smart crook. Denning was a cult hero among the anti-establishment intelligentsia in inner-suburban Sydney. Articulate and outspoken, Denning took on the prison system but he was not silly enough to take on the armed robbery squad.

When confronted on his return to the car, he retired from crime immediately. In fairness, armed robbery squad detective Ken Ashworth was standing on the bonnet of the vehicle brandishing a loaded shotgun at the time. Denning’s options were simple: retirement or a 12-gauge redundancy package. (We have seen Ashworth brandishing a $20 note at the bar of the Police Club as last drinks were called and that was frightening enough. The vision still haunts us more than 20 years on.)

Cox took off in his yellow Ford Fairlane and headed for what he thought was the exit, chased by a large number of armed police. He waved a gun at his pursuers – who opened fire in a scene reminiscent of The Blues Brothers – until he crashed and was arrested.

As expected, he said nothing. But later Denning concluded the underworld code of silence was an outdated concept and decided to open up.

”He said they were following the van ‘for fun’ and had no intention of robbing it – at least not then,” said one of the arresting detectives, Dave ”Gull” Brodie.

Denning didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in jail and made statements implicating others, including his mate Cox.

Months after the Shoppingtown arrest, Denning and Cox were in adjoining cells in Pentridge when Jensen was killed. According to Denning, Cox was delighted the wrong man was blamed for the Hefti murder and gloated that he was now in the clear. ”Russell Cox told me that this murder and armed robbery committed on Dominik Hefti had been done so by himself with Sam Mercuri and a person named Mark Moran.”

Mark Moran was a little-known gunman at the time. He would gain posthumous notoriety after he was murdered outside his Aberfeldie home in June 2000 as part of the underworld war.

Later Ashworth would re-investigate the Hefti murder and link Mercuri to the crime in the first Victorian case based on DNA.

Mercuri, 47, pleaded not guilty to murder and armed robbery but the forensic material was overwhelming. He was sentenced to 25 years with a minimum of 20. He died in jail in 2000.

Police were delighted when Denning changed sides. Others less so.

He received a shortened jail term in exchange for his co-operation but died in 1999 of a drug overdose that many still believe was a hotshot. He died only days before he was to give evidence against Cox in an armed robbery case and only weeks after Mercuri was arrested for the Hefti murder.

Most of the cases against Cox collapsed when Denning’s did. He was released from a prison in 2004 and moved to a quiet Brisbane suburb with Helen Deane, who he married in jail.

Victorian detectives have looked at Cox over the Hefti murder, and the unsolved killing of standover man Brian Kane, who was shot dead in a Brunswick Hotel in November 1982.

The reason for the fresh interest is simple. If they can get Cox they can get his close mate – the man they call ”the Duke” – who was part of the team who killed Kane.

And they want ”the Duke” because he is the man said to have killed police informer Terence Hodson and his wife Christine in Kew in May 2004.

Police have been able to independently corroborate many of Denning’s allegations but without a fresh witness they may still be on a road to nowhere.

Cox got away from police for 11 years while he was on the run. And now it looks as if he will get away with murder.

The real question is, will ”the Duke”?





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  1. love ya work mate,go sydney crims, sydney crooks, real crims, under the raydar,not like those melbourne wannabe mafia gooses all over the news.


  2. The Duke, who did the murder hit on Christine and Terrance Hodson, possibly for the corrupt then Victoria Police Drug Squad. Corrupt Detectives.? Is Melbourne Organised Crime Underworld Hitman and Armed robber : Rodney Collins. He got off this murder after Carl Williams, mysteriously got whacked,by his ally, who said he was acting alone, in his police interview, by his long time ally and trusted cell mate, Barwon Prison Acasia Unit Prisoner of War Jail Gang King Pin Heavy : Matthew Johnson, who bashed Carl Williams to death with a exercise bike seat in front of a security camera. And all the while, Carl Williams other trusted long time ally in Acasia Unit, Tommy Ivanovic was busy talking to someone outside prison, on the prison telephone,? And Williams ,was very quickly given the prison rights to remain silent. And not one Prison Officer in charge of monitoring the prison CCTV Cameras, saw a thing, in the highest security part of the jail.? They must have all been out to lunch? in Acasia High Security Unit of Barwon Prison. And this meant he quite conveniently could no longer testify in court, after becoming a police informer, ready to give out lots of information, and personally at a secret location, arranged away from Barwon Prison, to the then, Purana Taskforce Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Simon Overland, in order to get a reduction in his 35year Prison sentence over the Melbourne Gangland Murders. And expose Police Corruption, in Victoria Police, during the Gangland Wars in Melbourne from 1998 to 2005. Once Old School Armed Robber Rodney Collins, little mate, Mark Moran, also used to control the Drug Trafficking into all The Victorian Prisons, with Corrupt Prison Officers and The Tony and Hortie Mokbel Mob. But now Rodney Collins is back in Barwon now for life, found guilty over another contract killing murder. Rodney Collins was also a Heavy king pin Prisoner in Barwon Prison and the Old Pentridge Prison, with his Pentridge Jail House Lawyer and Long time Armed robberies team mate, co offender : Peter Lawless. Rodney Collins other Barwon Prison jail mate is Hells Angels OMG Heavy Biker and Murderer Christopher Wayne Hudson, who were both the Drug King Pins, recently in July 2012, controlling a group of Corrupt Victoria Prison Officers, to bring Drugs into Barwon Prison.


  3. Can any lifer inside do a number on Adrian Ernest Bailey but don’t make it quick let him writhe in pain for as long as can be gotta let it suffer please.Ever so grateful.


  4. Getting back on track I remember the day the cops arrested Cox in Doncaster I actually admired him for being so elusive, sly and clever just like a fox. He served his time.


  5. There’s nothing to admire about any of these retards letalone Cox. He Kennedy/Wright = all lowlife – it seems to be hereditary. Types that will do anything to get out of the slime themselves. Sell anyone.
    Scabs of society.


    1. Have you ever met any of these people? Do you know them or know of them? I know one of them, and he is a really lovely person. I distinctly remember how intelligent and loving he is. How funny and kind he was to me. He was trusting and trustworthy. You can’t sit there behind your screen and make a true judgement of a man based on a very few of his actions, which you both can’t know much about unless present and can’t use to make up a whole person. This man never raped a kid or something sick like that. He is a good man and i’ll believe that as long as I live. Good luck to him.

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  6. I was up the cages in brisbanes boggo road with Russell cox me and bart vosmaer he got killed by Jason Nixon in sir david longlands yeah they opened up 2 division just for him then he joined me and bart up the cages he got extradited to queensland for his offences up there him and bart help me get my 1 hours exercise cause the screws there were nothing but a bunch of inmate bashing scumbags and don’t like it when you fight back but they do wait till your asleep weak no balls eatarses.


    1. That’d be just a figure of speech, you smart person… a bit like telling someone to, “pick it up ya-self”, after you might’ve asked someone to pick something up for you. But I suppose, “life is like a box of chocolates…”


  7. Rod Collins a.k.a Rodney Earle is a police informing dog who manipulates people through intimidation in order to have people charged and possibly jailed. Collins is not and never has been a jail King pin; I smacked him in the mouth in 1990 and as a result he waited 20 years to have a girlfriend of his Donna Syarnamuel to falsify an incident that never took place and then make a police statement in order to have me charged with various offences. Fortunately I took the matter to trial and was acquitted of all charges; namely placing a gun to her head and pulling the trigger. Somehow she miracuosly wasnt injured. Now I still possess her statement in which she says Rodney Collins put her up to this because I bashed the little junkie years before. In my opinion Rod is nothing more than a shitmen who has no qualms about killing woman and children and you people want to put this arsewipe on a pedastool! Also lets not forget he is a convicted sex offender who has been charged for rapes on numerous occasions. Yeah a REAL OLD SCHOOL CRIM is he?


  8. Yea amazing how so many turn dog when they can’t handle the heat . Flanery wasn’t the big shot he thought he was either . He wasn’t too tough when he got a hiding in the yard in the met with his big mouth the piece of shirt was in for rape .He was just a sneak go rat. could name a few others too that weren’t too staunch. Big note scumbag.

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  9. Mad Dog on the run for all those years? Spare me. He was known to all as Mr International he was hidden like Biggs and many of others in this gang by the corrupt police. There are people born in this gang that are unknown because the don’t have any records of birth certificates or bank accounts.


  10. The cherokee aka rod collins. knew him back in the day and served a few months with the maggot. trigger happy and wouldnt fight u without a gun. the issue was he always had a gun on the outside. dangerous gun happy lunatic. informer seeking protection from those who once feared him.


  11. Is it true the Gr8 Russell Cox has died? Came as a shock to me this evening reading the online news from abroad. If true, sadly, all good things must come to an end.


  12. Mad Dog was allegedly staying at Hectors place in the 80s and he and Harry Burgers it was said by straight detectives put a contract – a little bump off job up for Harry.

    You wre only indemnified Harry if you told the entire truth…
    Which is why you bulked in the witness box when you looked up and saw me.

    Fitzgerald looked up to see who’d spooked you remember.

    Of course Jim Osulivan said nothing about your slip of memory either….
    To the brave detectives that stuck their necks out thanks for the heads up.
    “”Thankyou for saving my life. you know who you are.””

    There was so much that wasn’t looked into – then documents shaved and or destroyed re Fitzgerald. Its interesting Hector died in prison some years later.

    Now wonder who arranged that.
    Now i see another couple of mad dogs old mates are charged with McCulkin murders which had links to the W@GG.

    But the big question is who handed out our private phone number???
    Who posted the threats on the other forum??

    You only think your smart and all calls recorded.

    Good luck with that.


  13. While what I have to tell will seem difficult to believe , conceive or imagine Truth can be stranger than fiction…While this information has been passed the highest holding officers in our Land and several attemps to make a police reports 3 nights ago with the assistance of a friend we sent this information to Sir Peter Cosgroves The Governor General of Australia PTY LTD Knight of the Order of Australia Time date stamped Dec 18/ 2016 From Karta …Gate to Star Heaven

    ramandjiri tribe

    Dec 18 (3 days ago)

    to AlanHamer, AlanHamer, Robbo, ramindjerigate., viviancbradley, Queensblackkni.
    Name Alan Hamer
    My Regemental Number 5104795
    Dear Sir Peter Cosgrove, Governor General of Australia.
    I am a Dyslexic Man. Pt Alan Hamer 5104795. served Her Majesty, signed Enduring Deeds in 1994 awarded national and international security clearance ,Started 1990 as a Medic 7th Field Ambulance Barracks in Fremantle WA & acted as a Chaplain 1990 to 1994, a security driver with a contracted private company to and did drive Generals, members of the Royal family & VIPs. & Knighted and given names of honour I spent 18 years as a Sole trader building up several Business & with assets up to 6.6 million in 2005. I have been in Christian Ministry, street and some prison ministry since 1982. managed a Crisis Centre in Perth & offered my home to those in need. For over 27 years I was blessed to know a man I called Mr Integrity, my father-in-law Mr Clive Glynne Stokes who was murdered on the 22 December 2005 due to His Estate and making me Trustee of his very large and complicated Trust registered with the Probate Office/Supreme Court of WA. managed by Attorney General Mr Michael Mischins. I was phoned by someone from the Probate Office warning me of corruption, she did not give her name however it is my belief it was Registrar & Lawyer Corryn Rayney, who was later murdered. I have evidence and names of National Security and ASIC agents; I was threatened and told they had connections to ADF. All this information was sent to Dame Quinten Bryce and Tony Abbot, the Federal and State Police and others via registered mail in February 2014. While I have been on the run for several years after exposing those behind the murders and theft of Billions of Dollars from the Trust Fund, Clive Stokes Superannuation Fund and the Charitable Institution Trust. These people as you may know are very well connected and have left me penny-less after several attempts on my Life. Clive Stokes was recorded at the Perth Royal Hospital as a John Doe 22 Dec 05, I was told by Westpac there has been massive fraud and by the ATO in Canberra that my inherited Trust was in the Reserve Bank but it had been changed from a Sole Trader to a Partnership. The Lawyer Richard Bannerman who Clive set up to protect me and the Trust is in league with the murders and the people in high places who are benefiting from the Trust meant for charitable causes. Forged documents have allowed criminals to become my Enduring Power of Attorney.


  14. Part 2 Just the timely Tip of a very big Ice Burg

    Delivery to the following recipient has been delayed:


    Subject: Sent to Sir Peter Cosgrove 11.11pm Sunday Dec 18th 2016
    documents have allowed criminals to become my Enduring Power of Attorney.
    ramandjiri tribe 9:50 PM (1 minute ago)

    Part 2
    Part 2 I am appealing for Justice. I am concerned for my safety and for
    that of my partners. Recently a Queen’s Scout named Matthew Fowler sent
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    responsible for covering up the murders of Clive Stokes and Corryn Rayney
    and the transfer of the Trust Fund into ASIC in the RB. I was reported as a
    missing person and then my business income rental was no-longer put into my
    Westpac account. When I tried to make a Police Report as instructed to do
    by Quinten Bryce and Tony Abbot’s deputy and other corps of commissioners I
    was blocked and turned away. Hammond Lawyers in Perth who were prevented
    from getting the Trust documents from Probate Office informed me I had a
    pending Federal Warrant against my name that was previously unknown to me.
    I am appealing to you for help and assistance as the Governor General and a
    fellow knight of honour, truth and integrity and because I know that
    Military Law out ranks Civilian Law. Yours sincerely, Alan Hamer.


  15. To whom it may concern

    Murder of Corryn Rayney

    My name is Nadia Palnok. I am a Registered Nurse from South Australia. For the last two months I have been travelling throughout northern NSW with a man by the name of Alan Hamer. He is a dyslexic man and has asked me to write the following letter on his behalf. Although extremely traumatized, I believe this man is honorable and truthful in what he is saying. Professionally, I would say he suffers post traumatic stress, however his stories are consistent and I believe he is of sound mind.

    Alan believes that the reason for Corryn’s murder is connected to a massive amount of fraud, which involves people who hold very powerful positions in national security and the court system. He believes Corryn discovered documents in the Supreme Court and Probate office which put her life in jeopardy.

    I have written here some of Alan’s story and various numbers, accounts and phone numbers he believes are connected.

    Alan has been in hiding and poverty for several years now and in fear of his life. He has made many attempts to contact Mr Rayney, the police and various other government officials but unfortunately, he has come across many obstacles. He believes his sister in-law Jennifer Stokes, who works for national security, is a key player, and has been able to put up road blocks to prevent him from making an official police report.

    There have been documents, in a pdf file, that turned up on my PC regarding Alan. So I fear that every email or phone call I make is being monitored. I am also starting to fear for my own safety given the magnitude of this case.

    I do sincerely hope that this letter gets through to Mr Rayney and an investigation can get under way as soon as possible. I would like to see my friend have the opportunity to come out of hiding, his possessions restored, and justice be served to those who committed these crimes.

    I very much hope to hear from you soon.





    In 2007 I was living at 55 Bank St East Victoria Park Western Australia. This was a warehouse that I converted into a home. The phone number at the house was 08 9361 9251. I was living with my wife Julie-Anne Hamer and my two daughters Tessa May Hamer and Leah Jean Hamer.

    I first heard of the disappearance of Corryn Rayney from the media and my wife who appeared quite obsessed by the case at the time. She got the papers daily and read to me.

    At the time I had a business associate by the name of Clyde Lyndon Allen, who assisted me with one of my businesses, and In return I set him up with a business called Airport Car Detailing.

    In 2006 I accused Clyde of stealing my British passport. Clyde admitted to me at a previous time that he was a mercenary and an ex SAS (Special air service), with an expertise in forgery. He made a comment that my passport was worth $20,000. It vanished on the same day. My wife told me that
    Clyde took it.

    I reported this to my sister in law, Jennifer Shirley Stokes, who I was told was high up in customs.
    She informed me she would take the appropriate steps and monitor his every move with Interpol.
    I also reported a stolen passport to the British Embassy. Two or three months later a passport turned up in my wife’s car, which I believed was not the original.

    A night in early august 2007 Clyde turned up at my house and invited me out for a drink.
    He had already been drinking quite heavily and I felt uneasy given the disappearance of my passport. There were also several other upsetting events which took place over the years. One of them being Clyde falsely accusing me of having an affair with an employee by the name of Jane Dixon.

    Despite my misgivings I felt that Clyde was attempting to make amends with me that night. We walked across the road to the Carlyle Hotel. Unexpectedly my wife came with us. It was strange because she made all the original accusations towards Clyde.

    After a couple of drinks my wife informed me that she just heard that Corryn’s body had been found in a shallow grave in Kings Park. She explained to me where exactly. I assumed that my wife, and Clyde who appeared to also know about the grave, got this information from the media.

    Also strangely that evening a woman who I did not recognise or had any interaction with, randomly stood up and started singing. She pointed to us and invited Clyde and I joined to join in. My wife also joined in, which was completely out of character for her. We were all getting intoxicated by this point. During the song the woman intentionally grabbed my groin briefly, and then carried on singing.

    On returning to the house I offered Clyde to sleep in Leah’s bedroom for the night as he was too intoxicated to drive. Neither one of my daughters were home that evening. I did not sleep in the same bed or have sex with my wife that night. We did not have a physical relationship, so I more often than not slept in my office or a separate bedroom.

    I woke well before dawn and checked on Clyde. There was no one in the room. I felt sick like there was something very wrong. Although I have no evidence, when I look back I do think it’s a possibility that my wife had sex with Clyde that night.

    I jumped on my bike and headed towards Kings Park. I often went to Kings Park for an early morning ride. That morning I had an intuitive interest in the Rayney case and wanted to see the grave for myself.

    I felt extreme compassion for Mr Rayney and his two daughters and felt I needed to pray for them.
    I first rode to the ANZAC memorial and watched the sun come up while I prayed. I had my earphones on and found it strange that there was nothing on the radio about the body being discovered.

    As I rode past the site, my wife indicated to me the night before, I spotted three people stood there. They were wearing dark trench coats with the collars up. I could not make out their body shapes. They all saw me. Two looked away but the third person, a female, stared at me intently. She had blonde hair tucked into her coat, and a phone at her ear. There were no police, media or any signs of a crime scene investigation.

    None of this made sense to me. I kept riding around Kings Park. About 20 to 40 minutes later I found myself back at the site where I saw the three people. There was nobody there. Nothing that I could see. I rode my bike right up to the grave site. I saw the tire tracks from the car in the sand.

    When I got off my bike I walked around the site. The grave was indented, concaved, with sheok spread over the top. My impression was that the grave site had not been dug up or disturbed in anyway. There were no footprints that I could see, only my own. I saw tire tracks and oil. It smelt like automatic transmission oil. By the look of the tire tracks, the large oil leakage, and a nearby stump, my impression was that the car had backed into the stump and started to leak oil. There was only one oil track, which went from the grave site away.

    Again…For the record. I found myself at a grave site which appeared undisturbed. I found an oil leak and I followed it for about a kilometre, to Rokeby Road, Subiaco. I assumed at the time that the car would not be able to go far given the large amount of transmission oil it was losing. I was very confused, and felt sick and a bit overwhelmed. I decided to ride the 5km home.

    On returning to the house my wife was up. She asked me where I had been and I explained that I rode to the grave site on the information she gave me the previous night. I told her it was very strange that the grave site had not been dug up, and that I believed the car would be in Subiaco somewhere. I felt something was very dodgy. Julie-Anne didn’t say much but made me a cup of tea.

    About half an hour later my sister and her husband were at the front door, Jennifer Shirley
    Stokes and Robert Harry Wales, whose son Mark Wales works for national security. They drove an unmarked white commodore.

    It was strange that they would turn up so early in the morning. They told me they were on duty, which again I thought was strange because they told me they had retired from customs after 30 years of service. They started asking me questions as I explained that I had been to Kings Park.

    They told me that they were driving past Kings Park that morning and got the call. I had the impression that they were trying to determine whether I had seen them. I said nothing.

    After another cup of tea made by my wife they asked if I would assist them in the investigation by taking me back to the grave site. As I got into the commodore my wife said to me ‘you better take your favourite toy’. This was a common jest in the family. A year or so earlier I attempted to abandon my son’s dogs, who had gone crazy. Before I left the house I said to the dog, ‘c’mon Buddy, we are going for a walk, bring your favourite toy’. I believe my wife was not expecting me to come back that day.

    In the car Jennifer gave me an opened packet of Benson and Hedges cigarettes and a red lighter.
    On the way to the site I saw two big vans about 200m from the site. One blue and one white with no windows.

    As I walked around the grave site, I smoked a cigarette that Jennifer offered me. She also gave me a piece of fruit. When I finished I pushed the butt and seed of the fruit into the ground. I had the sense that something was very strange. I felt very nervous, like I was being watched or listened to.
    I said to Rob and Jen that I’m going to have a quick wee. I walked away from the grave site about
    15ft and started to wee on a tree.

    I spotted something on the ground. It was a plastic water proof bag with a seal on the top. Similar to a bag Jennifer had given me in the past. Inside the bag was my British passport along with other documents and cards of mine. In shock I shouted out to Jennifer, ‘I found the passport that Clyde stole’.

    I remember shouting out and holding the passport in my hand and then nothing. My memory was wiped clean. I cannot remember the events after or being taken home. I can only assume that I was either knocked on the head or had been drugged. I have been drugged by my wife on previous occasions.

    In the months later I heard very little of the Rayney case from my family. I carried on with my life with very little memory of the event. It wasn’t until late in 2014, when I lived at Mount Warning in northern NSW, did these memories come flooding back.

    The following information is Alan’s account of how these two murders are connected. He has spent years trying to understand what happened to his father in law Mr Stokes and what happened to the trust fund. When he remembered the Rayney case, he tried to put the dots together.


    What I discovered in the years following the death of Corryn Rayney left me traumatised, completely disempowered, and running for my life.

    Firstly, I found several documents that Jennifer Stokes was an undercover agent for national security, with the name of Isobel Fletcher. She was involving in training other agents in Fremantle. She had also worked for ATO, Customs and fraud investigations, bank security, lectured at United Nations, and been involved in East Timor, among other things.

    On the 25th of December 2005, three days after her father’s death, Jennifer was in the ASIC building in Perth. I was able to track the change of business names and the transfer of billions of dollars in funds. She was moving funds into the Reserve Bank of Australia, and various other trusts, with the assistance of ASIC Director, Wayne Martin Sanderson. They used my wife to open up bank accounts all around Australia. The superannuation cash flow chart was set up in the Bendigo Adelaide bank in South Australia, under the name of Ms J Hamer.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I did not start looking into all of this until 2012 when my wife requested a separation of assets. I got a summons to the family law court and the federal law court, Hamer Vs Hamer. Documents relating to me and my assets are in the Supreme Court and the Probate Office.

    I discovered hundreds of businesses, bank accounts and porthole keys. All my tax returns were being sent to Jennifer’s address. She stole my identity. I discovered hundreds of documents with my forged signature. She had taken her father’s trust fund and hidden it. It also occurred to me that she had been using Clive’s identity as well, as I discovered later that he had not been issued a death certificate.

    I believe that Corryn Rayney may have discovered these documents, and in doing so uncovered a hidden society within the court system, and a web of fraud and deception, which goes right to the top. This would explain her murder and the numerous attempts on my own life. They tried to set me up as a patsy for Corryn’s murder as well as Clive Stokes.

    I believe the three people that stood at the grave site that morning was Jennifer Stokes, Robert Harry Wales, and Clyde Lydon Allan. I believe the mobile phone number that connects these murders is 0458 330 038. This is also connected to 0400 000 001, 0428 893 608, and 0422 535 328.

    When they failed to peg the murder of Corryn on me they went after Lloyd Rayney. At one point in time I remember my wife telling me that Jennifer was after Rayney’s job as Chief Prosecutor.

    In 2012 I challenged Jennifer. She told me she would crucify me in court, which is exactly what happened. I was left without a cent. She then organised for three boxes of documents to be planted on my property which would implicate me in the murders and the transferring of the funds.

    On Australia Day 2013, in Bridgetown WA, I was drugged and set up to be ambushed by heavily armed men, driving 8 unmarked vehicles. They were tracking me through a GPS that my son had given me. I managed to bury the GPS and elude the men. I recorded their registration numbers; IDHE 017, IDSR 827, IDZ1 985, IDOA 601, IDYE 150, IDYT 104, IDNI 058, IDS? 232.

    In Cannington on the April 2nd another two men attempted to enter hotel room. I evaded them but all my evidence was stolen, including my passports, credit cards, video camera and video evidence, and all the documents I had paid for from the Probate Office.

    I went to the police station in Canington to make a statement with four witnesses. The hotel manager had them on video breaking into my car. Their registration number was ICJG 441. The police refused to help me. They told me the registration number was ‘ghost cars’.

    On April 4th on the corner of Bullfinch St and Southern Rd, Gosnell, Jennifer had another attempt on my life. She came in person this time with three other officers. Jennifer carried a drawn weapon. She was unable to find me. After they left I found a packet of 8 insulin syringes, one with blood inside.

    I phoned 000 that night after they left, and I went to the Gosnell police station the next day but again they refused to write up a report. They said everything had been done, and it was advisable that I leave. I was chased up to Broome by federal agents. I met a couple in Broome who bought me a bus ticket under an alias name and found myself in Queensland, adjusting to living on the street with no money.

    As I mentioned earlier I didn’t connect all this fraud to the Rayney case until the end of 2014 when I stayed at Mount Warning in NSW. My memories of the event came flooding back and I started to connect the dots between the two cases. On Christmas day 2014, two police officers, the head of Lismore Psych department and his assistant came to arrest me at 183 Mount Warning Rd, the Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Centre. I sat with twelve Aboriginal Elders at the time, who protected me from being taken away.

    Since that time till now I have tried every possible way available to me to contact Mr Rayney. I have been stitched up and blocked at every turn, till the point now that I am basically living in hiding, on my last legs.

    I also passed information onto the then ambassador of the Queen in February 2014. She resigned in March. I passed it onto the chief of the fraud squad in WA, sent letters to crime stoppers in every state, and to different government generals and federal politicians. I also posted information on the internet and within half an hour all the information was wiped clean.

    In time I can provide the names and locations of the various people who have my remaining documents, what’s left of all that has been stolen from me. I pray to God for justice. Without justice the people suffer.

    Below are various numbers and accounts Alan believes are all connected to this case.

    Alan Hamer PTY LTD and Hamer PTY LTD
    DOB 26/07/1956
    Army Regimental no. 5104795 (National security clearance – enduring deed document signed)

    Australian Tax file number 53 514 915 (body deed)
    In 2012 Alan found his tax returns were going to Jennifer’s address. The following TFNs and ABNs were used.
    TFNs: 26 216 111 ; 625 259 635 ; 621 529 944 ;
    ABNs: 11 108 812 321 ; 64 936 822 402 ; 35 008 664 999


    Birth cirtificate DJ232098 / BXCG125212 / application licence 5499818-1

    Soul trader / soul benefactor / soul director
    Amending Deed that is held at the supreme court of Western Australia probate office
    The Clive Stokes Superanuation Fund
    Signed 17 June 2003
    Lodged 19 June 2003
    Stamp duty paid under section 112V
    Signed by myself by Alan Hamer, Clive Glymns Stokes, and Jean Francis Stokes

    Customer West Pac Number: 05530879
    BSB 736 121
    Account No 529738

    Hidden Port Hole Keys: HAME 0001, HAME 0003 , HAME 0004

    Other accounts found on his tax returns that he knows nothing about

    J Hamer

    BSB 736 360 / 6360
    AC 75 7156

    BSB 036 078 / 6037
    AC 10 7590

    BSB 036 037 / 6037
    AV 24 3262

    The Following are credit cards that have been planted on Alan

    5163 6100 2870 7626
    Ex 10/14
    ABNZ 516901CA
    152909 12

    ABNZ 48472 ICA 1529
    09 11 3000835
    7626 328

    5010 0760 – 02456367 084


  18. I guess some might be thinking why not make a police report ???Well for years I have attempted evan letters to the Queen and the Pope Tony Abbot Quinten Bryce Malcom Turnbull the list goes on on on We had a Queen Scout where for two months You know what a Scout does and who he works for ? Mr Matthew Fowler sends this to the list listed two returned one is a warning To Mathew Fowler Suggest he Stands down..Military Term …
    Fwd: Clive Glynn Stokes’ death allegations then Corryn Rayney murder and posthumous events eg Cold Case “Operation Delve” further information

    to Matthew,
    Please see email that jeopardised both me..Alan Hamer… and Christine by stating your address now removed #################

    Sent from my iPhone
    Begin forwarded message:
    From: Matthew Fowler
    Date: 29 October 2016 1:50:53 pm ACDT
    To: “karl.o’” karl.o', “WA Police Perth Metro Acting & Detective Superintendent Noel Gartlan”
    Cc: Perth Fr Peter Manuel, The Rector, Roger Cook MLA Kwinana WA ALP Shadow Health Minister, Police Complaints SMAIL, Mail Ombudsman, Info, Michael Pengilly MP, “Honourable Colin Barnett MEc MLA Premier, Minister for State Development, Science 1 Parliament Place, WEST PERTH WA 6005 Telephone: (08) 6552-5000 Fax: (08) 6552-5001”, “”,, Channel 10 Chief of Staff Anthony Robertson, Perth The West Australian Julie Hosking, WANews Letters,, “Malcolm McCusker QC former WA Governor & Chief Scout”, NSW Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Hayes, Ross Fowler,,, ABCTV Four Corners, ABC Radio Current Affairs Monique Choy, ABCRN Australia Talks Presenter Paul Barclay, ABCTV Breakfast,, “”,, Barry Boettcher, Vivian Bradley,,,
    Subject: Re: Clive Glynn Stokes’ death allegations then Corryn Rayney murder and posthumous events eg Cold Case “Operation Delve” further information?
    The Special Crime Squad (SCS)


  19. Written and sent by Matthew Fowler …Who Left with vital information
    A Queens Scout is a Spy ! To gather information from the Enemy as stated in the Webster Dictionary ….We also attempted to get mental health out to the farm The Attorney Generals control Mental Health ..After this was sent days latter a White attempts to land in our car park behind my Parked Vehicle CASA was unable to inform who the 3 men in the helecopters was …we also had 3 men one night in a Silver ute when it went dark it was not pleasant but they left.

    The Special Crime Squad (SCS)
    To the Officer/s In Charge, etal
    I, again on my honour, here at I ALAN HAMER REMOVED web address before posting on this site as another of HM’s
    Queen’s Scouts since 1982 and
    Image result for queens scout <image.png> <image.png>
    fully invested by the rites of St George
    [“Edward III of England chose Saint George as the patron saint of his Order of the Garter in 1348, and also took to using a red-on-white cross in the hoist of his Royal Standard.”]
    Rover Scouts Baden-Powell Awardees since 1991,
    Image result for baden powell award
    am noting the following for posterity in this, my first date and time stamped email, confirming that I have been made increasingly aware during my last week at ###de W###ri (Eagle Heaven, home among the stars) of Alan Hamer aka “Nitehawk” who said (pers comms 1126 Central Summer Time [0856WST] today, Saturday 29th Oct 2016) that he provided WA Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan with case pertinent information in 2013 in addition to attempts against Alan’s life without any clearly written, considered response.
    Based on what Alan has alleged regarding Clive Glynn Stokes’ death and posthumous events,

    I observed this morning, clearly, there are unanswered questions associated with both these deaths, noting, “STOKES CLIVE GLYNN BARNSBY 76 years 2005 APPLECROSS” Mr Clive G Stokes had a name change to John Deo to BARNSBY
    I was informed by a friend a Nucular Scientist Doctor Mr Tony Warrick Mr Stokes was not issued a death certificate….
    and Corryn Rayney, eg “Operation Delve”
    WA Police Commissioner: ‘No evidence to charge any person with Corryn Rayney murder’

    June 30, 2016 1:55pm
    ‘The cold case review involved 23 investigators, forensic officers and analysts headed by an assistant commissioner, as well as two experienced homicide investigators from Queensland and NSW. A leading scientist from Cellmark Forensic Services in the UK also provided highly sensitive testing and analysis services.
    Mr O’Callaghan said the case would be transferred to the Special Crime Squad, which will investigate any future leads if they emerge.
    “The file will always remain open … any new material emerging will be thoroughly investigated, it becomes the same as any cold case investigation,” he said.’
    I am therefore emailing everyone in good faith and trust that another, considered emailed reply from Detective Superintendent Noel Gartlan will be forthcoming.
    Sincerely, Matthew Fowler BSc


  20. The information that will soon be posted There was the Enemy of the State Great Movie I will post information about the Enemy of the Empire Who Exposed The Truth about The Corinated Corona imposter Genocide by Regicides Who gave this information to the then Ambassidor of Australia pty ltd Chief Commander of the Navy Quintin Bryce ( Dame ) of a Knight Feb 2014 And the Others
    Attorney Generals Judges & Director National Security The Feds and lots of others Via Regestered Wittnessed By J.P. SIGNED AND DATED With My Blood She resined office 30 days latter WHY and why have I been on the Run with a Pending Federal Warrant and made a John Doe and went into Hidding on a Island of Australia Ok I am Dislexic But I have Stood up and told the truth I refused the Bribes and the death threats I have always believed that the Truth will one day expose those Pedifiles Who have been protected at the top by M Kirby and others The system is so corrupt I know and they know I know Because I hsave told them . Among other things I am the Key witness To the Coyyn Rayney Murder and massive cover up all the Feds Know the Corp od Commissioners Know The barristors for Rayney Knows Why because I have to them all sent the documents I was there After a Tip off …I was Druged and Taken to the grave site early that morning by Agents Who Sadly I know very very well only to find things that the media never mentioned Like a covert passport in my name Alan Hamer I left ALL my DNA around the grave site Cigarets Seed from a peach given to my by Agent s Jennifer Wales and Agent Robert Harry Wales plus urine and foot prints All this has and a lot lot more has been given to the top cops Karl and Noel Garland cell mark UK But the is a BIGGER story behind the attempted stich up of me several other murders and billions of bucks I realy need some help at the moment Have been stone walled am penny less Have been shot at Stabed Piosoned and accused of every thing under the sun But I have never given up believing one day some one who lissen and help me Thank God for Robbo and Crew Cheers for Now, Now Peter Corsgroves Have the info and responded by Sorry !


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