Mugshot Gallery

Thinking about a gallery of all the players in my articles. What do you think? I see it as a quick reminder via visual means to a story, and ultimately a link to the post when you click the image to find out more! Let me know what you think folks…(I have stacks to make into Polaroids etc. and add so it’s an ongoing thing…)

(Also see if you can find the “Fake” in there…haha)




21 thoughts on “Mugshot Gallery”

    1. Do you mean a Muppet peter B? Also if you are going to bother to type a comment (Which I appreciate) tell us who you are talking about, otherwise I will assume it was me! But that’s Ok I get worse


  1. Just the photo of Terry Martin – makes me want to puke in my pocket. Not much else to say – except bring back the death penalty.


  2. Most of thez ppl in the mugshots ive read about. I read judy morans book she wrote & told her side of this so called gangland war. I took 2 liking her & the very tragic circumstances she put herself in. She doesnt blame anyone 4 the life style she lead cos she went in with her eyes open. Im sure she now realises with the life style she lead & the loss of her family the code of ethics have changed but what a harsh lesson 2 learn…very very sad & 2 all those affected by it


  3. Robbo..are there any updates on judy moran? Is she still doing time? The last i read about her..was that her health was failing her. She looked like she was near deaths door in the last news clip i saw of her


    1. She is still rotting in jail.A lot of those ailments where grossly exaggerated for the trials for sympathy. Put it this way, if she got off she would of hopped off that scooter and danced down William Street to the first hair dresser she could find. Last I heard she had packed on another 50 pounds feeding her face and keeps very quiet having been put in her place trying to live of the name of her dead and buried…She is a nobody in jail now…She will drop dead in there.


      1. Wow thats 2 the point robbo..we only get the news they want us 2 hear over here in nz..i find that debatable..ive heard that the aussie media also make money off the death of ppl & are the worst kind in the world..wether the person was good or bad..judging by lindy chamberlains auto biography THROUGH MY mustve found it embarrassing also when meryl streep said the same thing when making the movie EVIL ANGELS-A CRY IN THE DARK.


  4. hey just wondering if there are any pics of mark ‘snoddy’ snodgrass?…searched everywhere but no luck…thanx for the great site.


  5. Half a minute alone with Martin Bryant i and there would justice done for all the victims and family members , jail is to easy for this scab rat .


  6. Half a minute alone with Martin Bryant and there would be justice done for all the victims and family members , jail is to easy for this scab rat why is he still fucking breathing .


  7. Darren ellis should be in this. I think he is still in port phillip jail. he should be in barwon. hope he rots in hell for what he did to Naomi


  8. My friend was one of the bodies in the barrels at Snowtown.
    Gary O’Dwyer.
    He was mentally impaired and got worse after a car accident, for which he received a payout of thousands.
    Bunting and Wagner tortured and murdered my friend for his money.
    Bunting and Wagner are nothing but weak mutts, murdering a mentally impaired man.
    Gary was the kindest soul I’ve ever known and would help anyone who needed it, anytime.
    Rest in Peace Gary O’Dwyer
    I miss you my brother.
    Your sister.
    \m/ Up The Irons \m/


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