High Profile Criminals

High Profile Criminals HOLDER page, I am hoping to have a page for each crook under the above heading in alphabetical order as I work on them.

Maybe making them normal posts is better as a page will not let me add any categories or tags…

Look up above in the Menu and hover over High profile Criminals to see the list or click below.I haven’t worked out how to best use pages yet! Anyone have any ideas. I have dozens of pages on more people like these ones below.They are not in any order.Some criminals are from years ago, but are all very well known for their crimes…More to come
















35 thoughts on “High Profile Criminals”

  1. Why haven’t you added Dennis Allen(one of my fav. aussie crims of ALL time) and other members of his family to your list?…interesting reading otherwise


  2. were is mark dennis serving 20 odd years at goalburn state prision he deserves life in prision st clare rapest he has no need to be on this earth


  3. Why haven’t you included Jerome Joseph Costello on your site as a criminal convicted of stealing his employer’s monies whilst he was practising as a solicitor. His crimes were a serious breach of trust and he only pleaded guilty after he was questioned by police who spent some time tracking him down. Please also go to the website Independent Australia under the blog white collar criminals. Thanks.


  4. Hi just doing a follow up about Jerome Costello. This man is very deceptive as I mentioned whilst practising as a solicitor he stole his then employer Ward Keller’s moneys owing to them. He has a brother John who works a cab driver in Sydney. Does anyone know his current whereabouts?


  5. Dennis Allen sure was a dirty low peice of shit if ever there was one did he lead a sordid life hes the son of a bitch Kath Pettingill he shot her in the eye and the crazy bitch survived. She spat out 6 rejects theres one left in prison hes apparently skin and bones and on deaths door. It amazes me how this filthy bitch has lived for so long Im counting the days.

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  6. Dennis Mr Death Allen younger brother Victor Pierce is a dangerous drug trafficking standover man piece of shit as well. Hope he is in hell now also with his half brother Dennis. These two did so much harm when they ruled the streets of Melbourne. Victor Piece got away with the murder of innocent young Victoria Police Constables Steven Tynan and Damien Eyre at Walsh Street Melbourne in cold blood with Jedd Houghton and Peter McEvoy the bubble brain.. and he was a bash artist in Pentridge Prison, and power figure in the dockers of Melbournes Underworld! hopeful his Walsh Street trigger man Peter McEvoy will also get his right whack like Victor Pierce and they all end up where the belong . They were never held in H.Division Pentrdge long enough.
    Dennis allen-( Dead ) – Victor Pierce- ( Dead ), more to follow soon followed by Granny Cyclops!.


  7. That Adrian Bayley is a creepy monster, the shelia that was hanging with him and slept with him after he raped and murdered Jill Meager WTF was she on? you only have to look at this son of a bitch to know he was NQR she must be a simpleton someone that cant detect the vibes of a weirdo.Thats right there are some women out there that are just not fussy. Hes got a high deep set forhead and evil black eyes just revolting. His mother and father must be as ugly as shit. The people that asscociated with him were all dumb as shit too he had them all conned.

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  8. Your posts on Vytas Bronius Kapociunas are defamatory in the extreme. These particular charges most probably have such a low probability of a conviction that boggles the brain.
    I sincerely hope that once the charges are dropped, that he sues your butts off.

    Ottawa Mens Centre


  9. I think you got a great site. Thanks. Hey do you know about that murder of those two little girls. Their brother and their mother. Near Geralton WA That killer who axed them to death. Im sorry I can t remember his name. he got twenty years. For killing that family. WTF. He was up for parole in 2014. I don t understand it. He should never get how come he only got twenty years? I sincerely hope he didnt get parole. I ll have to research more on him.


    1. You are thinking of William Patrick Mitchell”the Geraldton axe murderer” It was in 1993 and Mitchell was 24 at the time of committing the offences. He was originally sentenced 20 years imprisonment but the state appealed and he was given life without the possibility of parole.


  10. If ever there was a pack of two headed rednecks its the Milat family they are the most evil looking sons of fat ugly bitches that really take the cake. Ivan and his nephew Mathew along with his accomplice Cohen the half breed should be lined up by firing squad over on execution island in indonesia as prisoner exchange for the two rehabilitated bali duo.

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  11. Do you know who the 48 year old footballer/coach is that murdered the five year old boy in toilet blocks in Sydney. It was mentioned in the telegraph yesterday. With all the bad things happening with the mother and daughter murder it truly upsets me to think that somebody that perpetrated these crimes could go on to have a successful career.

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      1. Hi, I have been able to find a lot more information on him and now Know his name and more details on him including the rugby club he is currently at. He has held the position of Coaching development officer. What I find alarming is that he committed several crimes against children and is still allowed to work with children – his crimes even though he was only fourteen are absolutely chilling and horrific.


      2. Christ!
        Didn’t those 2 boys who murdered the little toddler (James Bulger) in the UK come to live in Australia under different names?
        Don’t we have a right to know?
        Once “blooded” always blooded.


  12. Valmae Beck changed her name to Fay Cramb one of Australias Evilest vial c..ts she was married to that filthy ugly maggot Barrie Watts they raped and murdered Sian Kingi in the early 80s in Noosa. Shes 6 ft under the ugly old bitch ate herself to death and her rotten heart died inside her corpse she was a useless warped peice of fat crap. Hes still alive Id love to slice him up but the old stinkin maggots being protected inside.


  13. Hi i appreciate your knowledge and your site, i notice you have many articles mentioning Vinnie Mikkelsen but you dont let us know about or who Vinnie was. Did you have more information on him, perhaps a page you havent published yet as you have said you have many profiles you havent yet published. Cheers cobber- H


  14. Hear Is some information that was sent last night to Sir Peter Cosgroves Govenor General of Australia it is dated and stamped footprint

    ramandjiri tribe ramandjerigatekeeper@gmail.com

    11:15 PM (20 hours ago)

    to Robbo, AlanHamer, AlanHamer, viviancbradley


    documents have allowed criminals to become my Enduring Power of Attorney.
    ramandjiri tribe ramandjerigatekeeper@gmail.com 9:50 PM (1 minute ago)

    Part 2
    Part 2 I am appealing for Justice. I am concerned for my safety and for that of my partners. Recently a Queen’s Scout named Matthew Fowler sent emails out showing where I currently live. To the people who are responsible for covering up the murders of Clive Stokes and Corryn Rayney and the transfer of the Trust Fund into ASIC in the RB. I was reported as a missing person and then my business income rental was no-longer put into my Westpac account. When I tried to make a Police Report as instructed to do by Quinten Bryce and Tony Abbot’s deputy and other corps of commissioners I was blocked and turned away. Hammond Lawyers in Perth who were prevented from getting the Trust documents from Probate Office informed me I had a pending Federal Warrant against my name that was previously unknown to me. I am appealing to you for help and assistance as the Governor General and a fellow knight of honour, truth and integrity and because I know that Military Law out ranks Civilian Law. Yours sincerely, Alan Hamer. AlanHamer@myself.com Ramandjerigatekeeper@gmail.com


  15. ramandjiri tribe ramandjerigatekeeper@gmail.com

    9:50 PM (22 hours ago)

    to AlanHamer, AlanHamer, Robbo, ramindjerigate., viviancbradley, Queensblackkni.

    Name Alan Hamer
    My Regemental Number 5104795
    Dear Sir Peter Cosgrove, Governor General of Australia.
    I am a Dyslexic Man. Pt Alan Hamer 5104795. served Her Majesty, signed Enduring Deeds in 1994 awarded national and international security clearance ,Started 1990 as a Medic 7th Field Ambulance Barracks in Fremantle WA & acted as a Chaplain 1990 to 1994, a security driver with a contracted private company to and did drive Generals, members of the Royal family & VIPs. & Knighted and given names of honour I spent 18 years as a Sole trader building up several Business http://www.HAMER.com.au & http://www.AIRPORT.com.au with assets up to 6.6 million in 2005. I have been in Christian Ministry, street and some prison ministry since 1982. managed a Crisis Centre in Perth & offered my home to those in need. For over 27 years I was blessed to know a man I called Mr Integrity, my father-in-law Mr Clive Glynne Stokes who was murdered on the 22 December 2005 due to His Estate and making me Trustee of his very large and complicated Trust registered with the Probate Office/Supreme Court of WA. managed by Attorney General Mr Michael Mischins. I was phoned by someone from the Probate Office warning me of corruption, she did not give her name however it is my belief it was Registrar & Lawyer Corryn Rayney, who was later murdered. I have evidence and names of National Security and ASIC agents; I was threatened and told they had connections to ADF. All this information was sent to Dame Quinten Bryce and Tony Abbot, the Federal and State Police and others via registered mail in February 2014. While I have been on the run for several years after exposing those behind the murders and theft of Billions of Dollars from the Trust Fund, Clive Stokes Superannuation Fund and the Charitable Institution Trust. These people as you may know are very well connected and have left me penny-less after several attempts on my Life. Clive Stokes was recorded at the Perth Royal Hospital as a John Doe 22 Dec 05, I was told by Westpac there has been massive fraud and by the ATO in Canberra that my inherited Trust was in the Reserve Bank but it had been changed from a Sole Trader to a Partnership. The Lawyer Richard Bannerman who Clive set up to protect me and the Trust is in league with the murders and the people in high places who are benefiting from the Trust meant for charitable causes. Forged documents have allowed criminals to become my Enduring Power of Attorney.


  16. We glorify these criminals and create the legend that ordinary people of society fantasize about and living the high life of a Gangsta ! Truth be told their lives aren’t all that glamorous at all and mostly short lived if it was ! The biggest and the Smartest Crims are the ones that no one knows of or have even heard about . The jails are full of dumb criminals 😊


  17. You have not got a horrid animal name of
    Eric James Murray he murded In 80s rapt &
    Killed again in Brisbane Queensland is a known pederfile to his own mob
    He is in his 60 now doing life for the said murder In the 90s of a lady

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